Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shane's Second Day

Shane and I went to Douglas Point to do some flatwater work in our whitewater kayaks. I had taken Shane to Taylors Falls a week ago and he like it. I let him use my creek boat for his first time out. This time I gave him my ZG. We worked on rolling, bracing, paddle strokes and some stern squirts. I'm happy to say he's got great balance! We just need more work on rolling. He has a natural inclination to playboat. BTW when I say I gave him my ZG...I meant it's all his now! All we need is some rain on the Verm and he'll be surfing with the rest of us! Shane and I went on to play frisbee golf in River Falls. It was the first time I've played it and I really liked it! Then we went on to see Batman...great movie!! All in all I we had a great Mother and Son day!

Shane learning the high brace.

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