Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wausau Junior Olympics

These last two days I spent in Wausau for the Junior Olympics. I must confess my motive was water to play...but the reality was a very rewarding time. I did get all the hole time I could handle plus I got to see the future of kayaking. These young people are amazing! From watching the graceful slalom racing to throwing it down in the hole these kids rocked. Phonics Monkeys, McNasty's and huge air loops were common place. After competion was done for the day the kids played. Several swam the course with boogieboards and bodysurfing. It was like having a group of otters playing down the river with you. Lots of fun! I did have all the hole time I could handle and I played it alot. Since loop was the trick of the week to learn I was trying a's kind of getting there. Dan, the rescue swimmer and I figured out how he could loop with his boogieboard. He did great!

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