Monday, June 30, 2008

Wow! Wausau!

What an amazing day at Wausau! I met Laura in the morning at Wausau and gave her the tour. It was the Wausau Whitewater Weekend and all the slalom racers were racing. I love watching them! But...I also wanted to get in and paddle. Laura had her first taste of dropping into a "real" playhole for her first time...she did really well! I posted her video below. It was great seeing all the usual suspects paddling today. I've watched them over the last couple of years and they have gotten soooo good! They're a joy and inspiration to watch! Their loops are getting almost automatic! Personally I had a great day with my rolls feeling like they should and not one second try! I am so looking forward to Sturgeon this next weekend! This is going to be a great summer for everyone! The Midwest Freestsyle Championships are going to be killer this year! Laura shot my camera and got some great shots of everyone! Thanks Laura! BTW...Shift!



Bryan said...

Did they change that hole again? The Rail bridge hole looks more like road bridge hole in those videos. Not complaining - it looks awesome! Glad to see that you and Laura had fun!

Nora said...

No they didn't change the hole and they don't have any plans to change it that I know of. Everyone said they were releasing a little less water on Sunday so that maybe affected the shape. Either way it was a fun play hole for sure!

Rosie said...

Hey Nora,

Nice to see you and Laura on Sunday!! Shame dinner didn't work out.

And yes, they were releasing only 425 cfs for the WACKO (citizens race), so Diver Dan would actually be "in between swims" :-) and not have to rescue too many people.

The usual rec release is 600cfs. And for ranking races I believe it's 1000cfs. There's another one coming up in two weeks Jul 12/13, there's gotta be some time non-racers can jump on the course...I'll be there, if anyone wants to carpool...

Nora said...

Hi Rosie,
I'll be working that weekend so I won't be there. It looks like it is the Junior Olympics...will there be open water??
Glad you had a great week in Wausau!

Rosie said...

Apparently there will be open water!!! And during the whole week of Jul7-13.

They are also looking for mentors for freestyle and other stuff!

Check out what Julie just posted on RR,6925,6925#msg-6925

She did just e-mail me, that the level will be 650cfs, looks like the 1000 was just a rumor...

Nora said...

WOW....and I'm off until next Thursday night....hmmmm.