Sunday, June 01, 2008

Super Canoe U 08!

What a fantastic group of students we had!! There were three classes of beginers and all three rocked! This was my second year safety boating for Canoe U. With my schedule I can only boat the graduation weekend so I get to see the students put to use the hard learned skills from the previous classes. Our group had a great day on the Kettle today! 100% no swim run down Blueberry! 100% no swims down Mother's Delight and 100% no swims down Dragons Tooth. We stopped and seal launched them off "the rock" By time we arrived at Hell's Gate we had tired them out quite a bit. Just a few mishaps in Hell's Gate...but hey...that's Hell's Gate. Jim was hitting his combat roll! Rosie came within a hair of hitting hers!!! So close! One gentleman in Art's class had an OK roll but WOW surprise...he had a killer hand roll he learned off You Tube! So much fun! You can tell everyone of these people will be on the rivers tearing it up! Great time!



Rosie said...

Nora thanks so much for being there for us!!!

This weekend was awesomeawesomeawesome! You know how much this means to me to have done such a fun run of the Upper Kettle even though I can't put it in good words...

You and Natalie and Megan and Tina just made this such an exciting but comfortable-as-a-cork-in-the-surf journey!

I am sure we all fullfilled our utmost potential for the weekend because of the great and fun teaching environment you guys created!

I can't believe how much fun that seal launch was! I really didn't expect that! I haven't been able to post your launch video yet, will try again tomorrow! :-)

shwiggitude said...

hey thanks for posting these shots. great weekend on the river, and i'm so proud of our students! :)