Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lesser Scaup

With the water getting really low it's nice when something new shows up on the Vermillion. Tonight it was a Lesser Scaup hanging out in RR pool. This is the first one I've seen down there. My photos of him didn't turn out because of the lighting and distance so I pulled one from the internet. These ducks winter down south and head to Canada during the summer. He made some remark about the tame water and mentioned he'd be surfing Sturgeon by this weekend...lucky ducky!
6-17-08 Update on the Scaup. Still there...tonight we saw ducklings with so she'll be hanging around Railroad for awhile. Talking to my co worker whos a big duck hunter he says that is unusual for a Scaup to nest down here. He see's them come thru in the fall on the third week of October every year.


Rosie said...

Hey I bet he's already got an awesome bow stall :-)

Thanks for takin' us down the Verm yesterday :-)

Nora said...

I think he may be good at stern squirts also...duck style ;-)
You all did fantastic!