Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Verm is just too low...

I went to the Verm this morning and though Donut, RR and Triple are still Lou Rawls sang..."the thrill is gone" It's at a great begginers level for surfing but I seem to need a little more. I have always gone down at this level before just for the exercise factor as I'd much prefer this to the YMCA but I think my blades need more miles on. The next few days have rain forcasted. I hope it hits the Verm watershed. I'll be held close to home for the next two weeks as I start my heavy work schedule thursday night. Yep...I'll miss Jim Falls and Wausau this weekend. Oh well I'll be there for the last Wausau release.
Cha cha cha...Shake a shake shake...twist, turn, cha cha cha...<--rain dance!

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