Friday, August 04, 2006

Verm at 171cfs

The Verm was incredibly sweet today. Did a morning and an afternoon run. With the lack of running water this year everyone was really tearing it up! I jumped in and was surfing RR with 171cfs the highest I've played it. Wow! So much fun! I even got a little air today for the first time. There are things that happen that you know you immediatly like and that was one of them. I don't know how it happened but I'm going to try to figure this out and get some more;-) I did get a good window shade on RR that knocked the paddle out of my hands breifly. I was able to grab back onto the paddle with one hand but had to swim. I got a good combat roll in but celebrated too early and the "squirrels" took me down again.
Having been on bigger water this year the Verm at times looks a little small. But it's days like this that is what the Verm is all about. The good people that gather is what give the Verm it's subtle charm. The positive energy that's expended remains even when the water has subsided. Much like the memories I'll retain will be that of the people more so than the gnar hole or move.

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