Monday, August 14, 2006

Time to bike?

Well the rain dance didn't work..oh warming..don't cha just love it? In my efforts to screw the oil companies and contribute to the fight against global warming I dusted off my bike and am going to ride it when I need something around town. My first ride today was to my local grocery. Now I can kayak for hours and blade 20 miles with no problems but biking was a little more work. I was using different muscles that don't always get the workouts they should. That'll change now. My neighbor who is 62 can ride his bike 80 miles a day! Now that's something!
Next chance of rain (just a big tease from the weather people) is due on thursday. I'm hoping that something (da Verm) will come up for my big day off on friday. If not it'll be Taylors. Gotta get my kayak wet!

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Bryan said...

Hey Nora, way to go on the biking. I've been thinking of getting one myself both to save some gas and get in shape. Missed you at Wausau -- it was an awesome time.

Have a good week at work.