Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stopped at the Verm today...

I stopped for a quickie after work today. It's really low, low, low. A summer low with lots of green moss growing. Triple was barely there as was RR. Donut was gone. Still it remains just a beautiful float down the river. The water was clean and cold. I did shed some of the work tension I had accumulated during the day. I think as it turned out that I was meant to be on the river today as everyone I talked to was interested in getting into whitewater or was just starting out. To everyone I talked to today...I hope you follow up on your whitewater desires. Follow the Rapidsriders board to see when a group of us are heading that way and feel free to join us. To get your gear in line I have to say talk to Peter at Midwest Mountaineering. He's a great help and source for information.
My Zen moment of the day was sliding across Donut and having thousands of shiney minnows leaping in the air and landing on my boat. They were just in the Donut area, no place else that I saw them on the river. Beautiful!

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