Monday, August 28, 2006

Gunflint and the North Shore Trip

I had a great trip to the north land! I arrived on the Gunflint to join my friends Wednesday evening. Thursday we spent fishing on Bearskin. We took two boats out and our boat, with Melissa, Elizabeth and I, caught almost nothing but large bass. Lots of them! We ate very good that night. We discovered that the best seasoning for grilled bass is to grill a rib eye steak along side. The taste was incredible! The steak was good also!
Friday was cloudy and rainy so we went to Grand Marais so Shirley could get on line to check her classes. The surf was huge! But my kayaks were back on the Gunflint. So when we got back we went trout fishing on Leo. Miguel caught the only trout. I caught another big bass. Again we all ate great! That night Melissa and I got our rears kicked in Euchre. We won one game though.
Saturday my friends had to head back home so I moved my camp to Grand Marais hoping to get in on the big surf action from the day before. When I got to town all was pretty calm. I pitched camp and headed for Paradise beach to try to find some of those Paradise beach agates I've always wanted. What I found was the surf starting to come up. There was a small squall off shore kicking up a few waves. This time I was prepared and surfed the rest of the afternoon. I really had a blast!
Sunday was spent kayaking the 6 inch waves and roll practice. Then I headed out to find those agates. I found alot of them and one really nice prize agate about the size of a small chicken egg. Beautiful! Then I hiked to Devil's kettle and spent the night star gazing on the beach.
Each time I go to the North Shore it calls to me. I really feel at home on the beaches there and I was not anxious to return home. I can see myself retiring in a small cabin on the shore with wood heat and solar power. An old fashion wood cooking stove in the kitchen. Ah but I dream...maybe someday.

Big surf
Little surf


Bryan said...

Way to go Nora, it sounds like you had a great time, and you definitely got some great shots!

Jesse (Zoolander) said...

Very nice shots Nora!! I never saw that drop on the Brule at low water....funky! Beautiful shoreline shots!!


Anonymous said...

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