Sunday, November 16, 2008

Icy Run on the Kettle

I woke up this morning looking at snow outside. Just a little bit, not too bad. I loaded up and headed north. While going thru the cities the light snow turned icy on the roads. I saw several spin outs and started questioning if heading to the Kettle today was a good decision. I slowed down to below the speed limit...yes, it was that bad! I met up with Allen and David at the wayside on 35. The roads soon cleared up and traveling was fine the rest of the way north. We put on and played a bit but soon came to the conclusion that it was more of a day to run the river than play. The temps started out just above 32 but then started to fall fast! Still a day freezing yer arse on the river paddling is better than not paddling...we had fun! It's different paddling with different people. Everyone has something they like to do on the river. Allen and Dave like to do technical paddling. At the dam in Sandstone Dave ran it first. Now I have always ran it right down the center thru the whoop de do waves. Dave went far river right and then made the move to enter the river left eddy. I watched Allen do the same. I came up slow looking to see what was what on that side. I saw a nice green entry and took it. I saw Allen and Dave watching me and expecting me to follow them to the left eddy. I on the other hand looked at the nice waves and thought...eddy or waves? Eddy or waves? You know I took the whoop de do waves. Turned out kind of fun. I was put into a stern squirt and pirouetted down for a last hurrah on the Kettle. Lord, I sure miss warm water playing! This was most likey the last river run for me this year with the exception of the Verm. It's never too cold to run the Verm since your car is right there. It did get pretty cold on the river today but it was worth it! So who is "running" the pool next Sunday?

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