Friday, November 07, 2008


No..not nuts. I took my lead climbing test today at VE and aced it. The only critique was that I needed to breath while clipping. I took the class last winter but with the rivers running I haven't tested out. I have been leading at Barn Bluff so I wasn't too rusty. I was hoping for more of a paddling day today but when someone cancelled because of the snow???! I sent an email out to some climbing friends and we ended up with a nice group of four. John took his lead test today also and aced it. Next weekend I have to get some good water!!


Ron said...

Hey Nora, congrats on your endeavours! I check here often to see what your up to. I did a paddling trip to Stockton Island and checked out the brownstone quarrys ... a beautiful place! I know very little about climbing, but the quarrys look like an interesting place to explore with proper gear. Lots of high places with some nice overlooks.

Nora said...

Hi Ron!
I'd like to see those quarrys. My sea kayak hasn't been out since last years little bit at The Two Harbors kayak festival. With the shocking lack of local whitewater this year I've been thinking about getting the sea kayak out again and hitting Pepin or?? Let me know if your'e headed out on any trips. Yeah...I keep checking your blog too to see what you're up to also:) Let me know if you want to start climbing. Ice climbing is coming up soon also.