Monday, November 24, 2008

Banff Film Festival

I went to the Saturday showing of the Banff Film Festival this last weekend. I was sooo kayaking movies!!! Or kiting! The first two films of the evening were the best. The Sharp End and The Fine Line. I believe both were from Rocky Mountain Sherpas. The Sharp End had some awesome climbing in Czech Republic. The rules were, no chalk, no metal safety devices, (cams and such), and they wore no shoes. They used knotted ropes instead of cams and nuts. They also did something called tower jumping...THAT looked fun! I also saw one move I really need to try the next time I climb.
The Fine Line is a training film for avalanche awareness and training. Next Halloween you need to show this movie as it is the scariest movie I've watched. It had incredible footage of actual avalanches and the people that were caught skiing or boarding in them. Interviews of the survivors and memorials of those who didn't. I was at the end of my seat. I would like to get this movie and watch the full length version. The movies that followed were nice but more artsy and not enough adrenalin for my expectations of the evening. Still a fun evening out!


Lisa said...

It was a fun evening out! Sorry I didn't see you. As horribly terrifying as that avalanche movie was, it made me REALLY want to go skiing.

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