Thursday, February 22, 2007

Second full day of kiting

Bryan Z and I went to Calhoun yesterday to kite. We set up and then stood on the ice attached to the kites waiting for the lull to end. End it did and then we were off. Bryan was flying a 15 meter Diesel...beautiful kite...looked so gracefull and I have to admit I was a little envious of the air he was getting on it. My kite was a bit small for the amount of wind but that was OK as I really had to work it to make power. I did get alot of fast runs on it. I met another kiter named Pete who gave me some great tips on flying my kite. I now understand more on control. It's just getting better! I do realise that I will be extremely spoiled living down here by Lake Pepin. The long fetch makes for very consistant winds. Looking forward to the great weekend snow storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be kiting monday thru friday next week on Pepin if anyone wants to go.


Bryan said...

SO Jealous! I've gotta get down to pepin one of these days. Enjoy the snowstorm!

Bryan said...

Oh yeah, and my kite's just a Diesel, not a turbo :)