Wednesday, February 07, 2007

No longer a kite virgin!

Today Bryan Z took me for my first time kiting today. We started on his 3.5 meter training kite. Tough little kite with some power. Moved up to his 5 meter foil kite. That one had more power yet! Then we threw up my 10 meter Turbo Diesel and I put on my skis. Well then I started moving. I had alot of fun today. This was something that I immediately knew it was going to be a good match for me. I am looking forward to my days off to get some more riding in!
I learned quite a bit today. First, my WRSI helmet does NOT cross over to kiting like I had hoped. The kite travels up past where the sun visor is and you can't see it unless you do quite a back bend. Hot starts on one ski are quite surprising ;-) Below zero is kinda cold...but only when you stop. Bryan Z is an excellent teacher! Incredibly patient! Thanks!!!!
My apology's for not having any photos up. Bryan took some so just click on his blog . My camera is in the shop...I guess too many times down the river did it in.


Ron said...

Hey Nora, looks great .. had to figure you were up to something fun! I watched the kites on Waconia last summer a lot, sure looks like a good time.

Nora said...

It was definatley fun!! I'll be out on my kite this weekend! You should try it. It's kind of like flying...only cheaper ;-) Check out or for more info.