Monday, February 19, 2007

A few more thoughts on kiting...

Hey I'm just sitting here thinking about yesterday and my first real day of riding. It's not so much as skiing but the feeling of being a bird. The kite is your wings and you are in control of every little movement it makes. I was playing with depowering on the uptake of a swoop to just pulling it in to really add the power on the down swoop. You forget you have skis on. You fly across the lake much like a bird skimming the water. Before you know it you're in the middle of the lake and it's time to head back. Lake Pepin has always been beautiful anytime of the year. The view of the bluffs is spectacular. It's funny how things line up in your life. When I got home that night I put on public TV and there was a program on Birds of Prey and their aerodynamics. I would have to compared my TD to a hawk after watching the show. I liked the quick movements and responsive feel. I'm not sure if I am going to carry this over to wakeboarding yet. I'll have to see how the spring goes.

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