Saturday, February 10, 2007

First solo flight

Today I took my kite to Pepin. The winds were forcast to be light so it would be a good day for me to get started. I had no problem setting up my kite and getting it all rigged. There was just a light wind blowing. No sooner did I finish the set up I tried to launch. Well the short version is...I lofted the kite once on the last wisp of wind and then it died. Not even a ripple on my kite. Well I had to figure that this just wasn't in God's plan for me today. I had planned to take a snowboarding lesson tonight but if the wind had blown I know I would not have made it. So today ended up being my first day of snowboarding. Now that was fun! With a few age related adjustments I was able to handle it pretty good. I was lucky enough that no one else was taking the 6pm class so I had an hour of one on one instruction. I want to learn kiting on my skis and then move on to snowboarding with my kite. I learned enough tonight to know that a snowboard is in my future...more toys...just what I need...really!

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