Monday, November 01, 2010

2010 in Review...Wow!

Wow is all I can say about the year 2010 and it still has exactly two more months to go.  Spring in Minnesota started out with a fizzle.  The rivers ran for less than a week before the water was gone. My planned week of spring creeking on the North Shore was replaced by Plan B.  The Southeast.  This was my first trip to the Southeast and it was amazing!  After my first years of kayaking the same local rivers over and over I was able to get on new rivers.  The crew that I was with were very experienced and I was able to learn so much more about leading down new rivers.  My season started with a euphoric adrenalin was good!

Fizzle went another tradition of spending Memorial Day at Sturgeon Falls.  Again lack of water forced us to Plan B again.  This time it was Colorado!  The water went insane the day after we arrived.  The gauge shooting straight up!  It was another super trip with great paddling and great friends!

The Triple Crown was completed by my trip to The Northwest!  Oregon, Washington and Idaho!  Words cannot describe how I feel about the rivers and friends I visited along the way. I spent time on some of the most amazing rivers...The Payette, White Salmon, Lochsa...I fell in love with Northwest whitewater.

Truly I feel very blessed by each of these trips and the friends along the way.  Still another blessing is to be able to teach new kayakers though Canoe U each spring. This was my fourth year being involved with the classes and my second as an instructor.  It's always a thrill to see former students going after it!  Showing up at the rivers and throwing it down at the playpark. Their progression is amazing! Love it!!

So many things this year!  This was also my fourth year organizing the Vermilion River Clean Up.  The Vermilion being my home river is important to me and it's very gratifying to see the many boaters that come and put in the hard work it takes to clean a river.  Rapids Riders over the years that they have done this have removed literally tons of garbage from the river it's self and the surrounding park.  The river outdid herself this year by being the highest it's ever been for the clean up! WhooHoo!

Two new boats followed me home this year.  My Jackson Superstar and Villain!  I named them Sunshine and McMurray respectively.  I love my boats!  I made the change from offset to zero offset on my paddles. A good move for me.

I touched a bit on the darkside starting to learn how to OC1. I have so much respect for open boaters that throw themselves down the same whitewater next to me.  It isn't easy but I am enjoying learning a different craft.

I attended the Kettle River Festival and ran the race with good results. Always a good time! I enjoyed the hell out of  Paddlemainia and I competed at the Midwest Freestyle Championships and didn't do too bad for a 53 year old lady.  Most importantly was I was having fun with friends!

I had a super year of personal growth. Both on and off the river.  Looking back on my year I know it surpassed all my expectations.  Although I am not goal orientated I did make a guideline list of things I wanted to achieve this year... I did pretty well on my list. I am reluctant to declare any goals for next year but I know I would like to do one really good overnighter on an awesome river. Do more trips and get a bit better with my canoe.   With such a great year like 2010 has been, I can only hope 2011 is just as good!

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