Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Mountain Biking!

  For several years now my friends have been telling me I needed to give mountain biking a try.  They have said I'd love it!  I have looked at all the injuries and thought yeah right...maybe kayaking is safer.   Well finally my curiosity got the better of me.   And they were right!  It's a blast!  I have found that single track is my niche...so far.  It has all the thrills of whitewater.  The lines, the mental game, the challenge, the fun!  So much correlates between the two sports.  There are different levels and when starting out even little looks "big".  As your skills come and you become comfortable, your perspective adjusts it's self accordingly. Today was my fourth time on Memorial Hill in Red Wing.  The trails up there are amazing.  The red trails would make a rock pee it's panties...damn!  But the gnarly boy and girls hit em up!  One jump I am told is forty feet down!  Relate it to waterfalling in kayaking.  It's all good!
   My bike is considered old school but that's OK.  I tried a newer version today at the take out and found there really wasn't that much difference.  Except in price.   My bike is a very good fit for me and works like it should.   I love it!  I did rent a hardtail up north a couple of weeks ago and I have come to the decision that full suspension is the way to go!  Here is  a little video from today.   Remember I'm new and this is just a fun easy part of the trails up there.

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