Monday, May 24, 2010

Canoe U 2010...First Weekend

Rapids Riders is a club that is committed to teaching whitewater kayaking and canoeing in a safe and fun environment. Each spring we lead a fresh batch of newbies out on the fast moving waters of Minnesota. I have been with Canoe U for four years now.  The first two as a safety boater and this is my second year teaching.  One of the most rewarding things about teaching is seeing the growth of your students.  From Saturday morning on the lower Kettle to Sunday evening the growth as a kayaker was immense.  The joy on their faces at the end of the day on Sunday says it all.  Kayakers are a special breed of people.  Bonded together through the love and challenge of a river.  At the end of the weekend, nine students understood the experience of running a river.

This year I'd like to highlight the ladies!  We had a very nice group of ladies and they all were amazing women!  Each one taking the challenge of water in her way from bold to determined...all were successful!  My goal as an instructor is to make it easier for women to learn, and most importantly, stay with whitewater.

Now the men...whooo boy are they fun to teach!  We had a fun group of men with also that were not shy about running those rapids!  Reports from the other two groups confirmed that all the students were rocking the river and having fun.

The growth doesn't stop there.  Looking at the instructors and safety boaters many were students from the previous years.  Amazing kayakers now and awesome friends! Check out Bryan's Blog for his super photos!

In two weeks the students will come again to the rivers for their graduation weekend.  Another solid two days of running rivers.  It just doesn't get much better than this!

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