Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Voices in my Head

When I very first started kayaking with my sea kayak I went to a pool session. There I met Ellen, one of the instructors. She paddled over and introduced herself and then asked if I even knew how to get in my boat. Yes, I was that new. She was great! She took me thru different ways of getting in the boat and taught me a wet exit to get out. Showed me self rescues. Ellen is a natural teacher. That summer I paddled my sea kayak but I never did learn how to roll. The next year I took a whitewater course as my interest was being directed towards kayak surfing and to do that I needed to learn whitewater. I remember on the lower Kettle I had to ferry across a strong current for the first time. I knew it was going to be flip city as soon as I hit it. I wasn't disappointed. While upside down in freezing cold water I heard a calm voice in my head. "grab the combing and slide your hands up to the grab loop and pull." The voice was Ellen's. When learning a sport such as kayaking your instructors will be "there" with you in your critical moments. The words, encouragement, the instructors expectations of you as a paddler will propel you thru the situations you encounter. Ellen's voice hasn't been the only voice I've heard. Sometimes it's words of encouragement from your paddling partners. Sometimes you need to replay those words in your head to try to banish the negatives. Motherhood is just another form of instructor. Your words, encouragement, expectations, and example will be with your children in their critical times in life. When in difficult situations the snap judgements will be based on the foundation you have laid in your children. Today being Mothers day I had dinner with my son and we hiked Glenn Park in River Falls and talked. My son and I can talk about anything. Today he explained that almost everyone he knew had issues with their parents of some sort or the other. He told me the only issue he has with me is he wishes I would wear my hearing aid. I guess that isn't too bad as far as issues go.

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