Sunday, May 04, 2008

Kettle Fest

It was a cold and snowy Saturday...oh wait...that's what the weatherman predicted. Saturday ended up being sunny and beautiful and Sunday even better. Due to torrential rains on Friday night the Kettle jumped up to 3200cfs on Saturday and 4000cfs on Sunday. Big and fast. With people from all over Minnesota and some special visitors from the Milwaukee/Waukesha area coming to check out the root beer water in Minnesota. They definately found it to their liking with Craige Esposito taking first in the rodeo and Jim Jenson taking second. Melissa Grover took first in the womens. Good times with great people!

Just a few photos from Saturday.


Bryan said...

Dang - looks awesome! So bummed I couldn't be there. Did you enter the rodeo?

Nora said...

Nope it was huge and fast at 4000cfs or 5'6" on the bridge...if I would have I would have taken second :) We have to get to RR so you can teach me those cartwheels sometime soon. I'm working afternoons so starting next weekend I have off 5 days! Papstapalooza is having a rodeo also.