Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spot in the Hole.

Monday night Donut was the biggest I have seen it while still allowing play. Huge! Today it was a bit smaller but still likable. The level is going down slowly which is good as opposed to fast, but it's the time of year when the speed slows down. Get some before it's gone! So far this year the best thing has been my sight. I had Lasiks done and the results are 20/15 in one eye and 20/13 in the other. In the past I have had Accuvue contacts that have consistently blinded me while paddling. Usually the first wave hits my eyes and I literally can barely see a thing! Confinement Canyon...didn't see it...until I got to the bottom and my contacts cleared and I saw the boys all to the left and a big rock in front of me...son of a gun...I knew I couldn't get left fast enough so I took the right and boofed. Having tried everything from Seaspecs to goggles, I finally had the surgery and it was worth every penny. The difference on the river is amazing. Even coming up from a roll I can see immediately where I am in the river. Not all brands are as bad as Accuvue for this but talking to others Accuvue is the worst. I had Dr. Omar Awad at Lasiks Plus in Woodbury do my eyes...I highly recommend him!


Anonymous said...

Nora, did the same thing 2 years ago. Best money I ever spent next to that trip to tijuana) Its always nice to be able to scout rapids before you run them. (aka....Theres no hole behind Volkswagon Rock) I always thought it was the Pabst that made it so I could'nt see on river. Pabst-a-palooza 1 month out, hope to see you there.

Nora said...

Hey Matt,
For sure I'll be there...I wouldn't want to miss Pipe they ROCKED! We have a great team for the inflatable race also! FUN!