Saturday, January 05, 2008

Swede Lake...The Whitewater Crew...Plus Two!

Bryan, Caleb, Nicole, Jackie and I went to the Swede Lake Kite Festival today. Today Bryan was starting Caleb, Jackie and Nicole out kiting for their first time. Bryan is the reason I started into kiting. He's a fantastic teacher in just about any sport he does and he gave me my first lesson last winter. It was alot of fun helping him today. Our three fledglings did just fantastic!! All three were able to get rides on the 5M Samuri! Great job! One new kiter and two new kite divas! Check out Bryan's blog for more photos.

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Bryan said...

awwe, thanks Nora. It was great seeing you out there. One of these days we've got to get out and actually kite together now!