Monday, January 21, 2008

Free Heeling

Finally! I got out to try my telemark skis! The day started with a bit of wind so I ran to Lake City to throw my kite up and wouldn't you know it....I killed the wind. It was borderline whether it was enough to fly my kite but it soon died to dead calm. Being a firm believer that every sport has it's time I figured it was time to try the telemark skis out. I started on the bunny hill. Since I have had no instruction in this kind of skiing I took it slow. Testing the abilities of the skis it was a thrill to learn their personality. Sometimes you discover things that just harmonize with your body. The feel of telemark felt so natural to me...I couldn't get enough of the way they handled going down the slope. I did try the bent knee turns a bit but I will have to have a pro give me a bit of instruction on that technique. Any pros out there?? I guess the down side of this night is I know I will never take my Solomons on the hills again. I know I've out grown them and will need a longer downhill ski. I'll still use them for kiting but that's about all. BTW for all the kiters I know...Pepin had 4 inches of softly bonded snow at noon, and we got at least 2 more of fresh today and tonight. Tuesday at noon at the point in Lake City. Winds W at 12mph. One last note...I actually felt confident taking a jump with the telemark skis..whooo hoooo!

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