Sunday, April 01, 2007

There's a Feeling I Get...When I Look to the West. and My Spirit is Crying for Leaving...

As I drove away from the Lester River those words from a Led Zep song came into my mind. My spirit always longs to leave...I attribute it to the Gypsy in me. Today turned out to be just a fantastic day even though I didn't get to paddle I did get to try my new camera out. Bryan, Caleb and I headed north to the Knife river. They ran it and I hiked up river to catch them on the run. I need to apologise to Amy right now...I think I wrecked your husband by taking him to Stoney Point while it was going off...there was a glazed look in his eyes while watching the waves come in. I said my goodbyes to Caleb and Bryan there and went to see what the Lester looked like. I ran into the D-Town Crew and friends and was able to shoot them running the drops at a nice high level. What an absolutely beautiful day!

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