Thursday, April 12, 2007


Today I was released off of restrictions from my injury. I planned well for this day. Last night I stopped at Midwest Mtn and picked up a WS Habitat to try out today. It felt right the first time I sat in it at the store. When I first launched today my butt immediately loved the way it felt under me. I gave my hips a few shake a shakes to feel the balance and it felt good. I could even surf and spin a wave with it...little waves on Da Verm today. What I really liked about it was the edge. I could lean it way over on turns and feel solid. Since I didn't have much water to play with at the Verm I purposfully tried to hit features badly to see how it breezed thru everything. It's going to take a little getting used to the extra length. I have more bootie in the back to think about. I realized that when I paddle my ZG I am aware of the exact length of my stern so when I throw it around I know exactly where it's going in the water. Anyway bring on the sissy creeks for starters..I'm ready now.
As for my injury they sent me home with a bug zapper (Tens unit) and a neck stretcher (cervial traction set) and said I'm good to go as long as I do my exercises.

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