Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dreams are free...and they talk you into crazy things!

I bought a sea kayak several years ago and took it in the Two Harbors 18 mile race. That day was the roughest they have ever run it. I found out that day that I like waves! I started looking at kayak surfing and thought that would be a blast. So I bought a whitewater boat and took Canoe U to learn how to paddle a tiny boat. Then I got caught up in river running and playing. In August I had my first chance to surf in Lake Superior and even though the waves were small I learned alot and had a great time. Today it came full circle to actually surfing some big surf. Brian, Bill and I headed up to Duluth to check it out. We stopped at the Lester and there wasn't much there. On the advice of Roger and Scott we headed to Stoney Point. WOW! It was great! We were out for more than four hours! Met some fun people and all of us are hooked on surfing. The photo of me that I would have liked to have seen was when I wasn't paying attention and a huge wave broke directly behind me. I tried to catch it but it was too steep and just starting to break. Needless to say I had a fun ender, ending in a fine combat roll. Great day on the Lake!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Vermillion River Clean Up

Great job on the clean up! What a treat to float down the river after the clean up and not see trash! Click on Bryan's blog for more photos of today.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bay City Beach Pelicans

I stopped down to Bay City to see if the south wind had kicked up some decent waves. No such luck but I did see the Pelicans are migrating. They are awesome to paddle out to see. We did it last year and you can get fairly close before they get nervous. On the photo the white areas are the pelicans out feeding. To see the pelicans, click on the photo to enlarge it and you can see 2 flocks in the distance. I saw about 5 flocks in all today.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Canine Chiropractic went well today

Boo's first session went very well today. Dr Jennifer and I sat on the floor with Boo between us while she worked on her. She found a couple of minor things in her neck area but starting halfway down her back things got pretty sore and out of place. At first Boo was surprised with the instrument Dr. Jennifer used but she soon figured out that this was helping her and was practically sitting on her lap at the end. I have a very good feeling about this and will continue with the treatments. Dr Jennifer figures another session this week and two more next and we should be in good shape. Of course she cautioned that there could be degenerative disease that will never be fixed but that's just what the Vet said also. Considering so much was out of place I figure this is going to be a huge help to her. It's hard to be an Alpha Pug when your back hurts

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A little off the wall post...

My girl, Boo, has had a pinched nerve in her back since she gained all that weight. She had a thyroid problem which not only made her gain weight but also weakens the muscles. She has been getting better with anti inflamitory's, thyroid medicine, and losing 5 pounds which is huge for a pug. She is still not back to normal. The new Vet at the clinic is going to try her on Prednisone when her other meds are out of her system. Now I started wondering if there was something else I could do for her. I needed to go back to see my Chiropractor this week and wondered if there was such a thing as Cannine Chiropractic. Turns out there is. It's taught at the U of M St Paul Vet School for starters. Well when I made my appt for this tuesday I asked the receptionist if they do dogs. Dr Jennifer Patterson had done one dog before and was willing to try to help Boo. So this tuesday morning Boo and I are in for a "cracking". Now I wouldn't trust my dog to just anyone but Dr. Jennifer is one of those people that has a gift for healing.
Has anyone heard of this or had experience with a situation like this? I'll post next week to let you know how it turns out.