Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Canine Chiropractic went well today

Boo's first session went very well today. Dr Jennifer and I sat on the floor with Boo between us while she worked on her. She found a couple of minor things in her neck area but starting halfway down her back things got pretty sore and out of place. At first Boo was surprised with the instrument Dr. Jennifer used but she soon figured out that this was helping her and was practically sitting on her lap at the end. I have a very good feeling about this and will continue with the treatments. Dr Jennifer figures another session this week and two more next and we should be in good shape. Of course she cautioned that there could be degenerative disease that will never be fixed but that's just what the Vet said also. Considering so much was out of place I figure this is going to be a huge help to her. It's hard to be an Alpha Pug when your back hurts

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