Saturday, September 02, 2006

A little off the wall post...

My girl, Boo, has had a pinched nerve in her back since she gained all that weight. She had a thyroid problem which not only made her gain weight but also weakens the muscles. She has been getting better with anti inflamitory's, thyroid medicine, and losing 5 pounds which is huge for a pug. She is still not back to normal. The new Vet at the clinic is going to try her on Prednisone when her other meds are out of her system. Now I started wondering if there was something else I could do for her. I needed to go back to see my Chiropractor this week and wondered if there was such a thing as Cannine Chiropractic. Turns out there is. It's taught at the U of M St Paul Vet School for starters. Well when I made my appt for this tuesday I asked the receptionist if they do dogs. Dr Jennifer Patterson had done one dog before and was willing to try to help Boo. So this tuesday morning Boo and I are in for a "cracking". Now I wouldn't trust my dog to just anyone but Dr. Jennifer is one of those people that has a gift for healing.
Has anyone heard of this or had experience with a situation like this? I'll post next week to let you know how it turns out.

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