Saturday, January 21, 2006

Vermillion today

Paddling today was Bryan, Dennis, Nate, and I. The temp was in the upper 20's and it was a beautiful sunny day. Donut was sweet, as usual. Lots of fun on the river. Bryan was even body surfing Donut. His dry suit works very well. King of the wave was also played today...but then I was Queen of the wave for awhile ;-)


Dennis said...

Great shots once again Nora! I wanna go paddlin' again. Right now!

I went back through your blog tonight--would it even be possible to find a pic of Bryan when he ISN'T smiling? ;)

Nora said...

Lets go! After paddling and skiing yesterday, I bought some wine, some Port Holes from my favorite restaurant, and watched Dakib and other kayaking DVD's.

Jesse (Zoolander) said...

Hey Nora, looks like you've been out quite a bit up there!! Looks like fun. Great shots of the North Shore as well. Midwest big melt soon!!!! Can't wait.