Thursday, January 05, 2006

My Camera

I've been getting some questions about what kind of camera I shoot. It's a Minolta Dimage S414, 4 mega pixels, 4X optical zoom with 3X digital. Got it on sale. It is not a waterproof camera and I don't use a waterproof case either. This is my first digital camera and it's worked OK. It's slow to start up. Slow to focus. The batteries could last a little longer. I have had to learn it's quirks and be patient waiting for a shot. But on the other hand I do love the shots it takes. When on the river I carry it inside of some ziplocks, wrapped in a towel, inside of a dry bag and stuffed in the back of my boat. When I take it out I use the towel to dry my hands before taking shots. The camera is usually left on the bank and most of my paddling buds all know how to use my camera and take just as many shots of me as I take of them. I really appreciate that! Just that it's lasted thru ALOT of runs testifys to it's toughness. It's been wet to the point of water dripping off it...ooops. It gets a little fussy if it's really cold out...shuts down. Yet my son has dibs on it when I move up to my next camera.
I have always wanted a Cannon Rebel. Even when they were the ulitmate 35mm cameras. The digital Rebel sounds like a great camera and it's first on my list for when I move up. When that happens it will not be a river camera...I'm thinking of the Optio waterproof for my river camera. I have to do alot more research into these. I would welcome any suggestions.

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