Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cross Country Skiing

I've been waiting for this snow! Red Wing got about two inches. I took the high bluffs XC ski trail today. Only on my butt twice on the way down...not too bad for as steep as it is. Beautiful day today!
The open water you see in the distance is Dead Slough. It's a backwater of the Mississippi. I have never seen the backwaters ice free in Jan. Amazing weather! Or should I say global warming?


Anonymous said...

Take a look up by Prairie Island - the water used to stay unfrozen longer there, probably due to the cooling needs of the power plant.

Steve Z
ex Red Winger

PS How about a photo from the top of Memorial Park, showing the big arrow on the WI side of the river? Nobody here can grasp what I'm talking about when I describe it.

Nora said...

Hey Steve!
The trail I was on is the back side of Memorial Hill. The distant bluffs are the ones with the arrow. I think Barn's Bluff would be a better choice to photo the arrow but unfortunatly the city has it closed off during the winter. Someone last winter tried hiking the back side and fell...slide down and stopped just above the cliffs that overhang the train tracks. He spent the night hanging on to a tree until someone the next day heard him. I'll see what I can do.

Nora said...

Duh..there's snow on the ground. White rocks and snow will have to wait...sorry...just thought of that.

Anonymous said...

We used to rock climb in that cliff lined area up on Memorial. And I know just what trail on Barn Bluff you're talking about - not exactly the safest trail around.

Hadn't thought about the white on white factor. Probably not visible till spring.


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