Monday, August 03, 2009

Sturgeon Falls

Burgess and I in need of a playboating fix headed to Sturgeon Falls this last weekend. The level was dropping fast so we didn't know what to expect when we arrived. Someone upstairs gave us a break and the level jumped Saturday to 45,000cfs giving us the precious eddy access. The weather was raw with wind whipping up the lake into whitecaps and blowing spray off the tops of the waves. Burgess and I had the place to ourselves. The waves were fun. Surfers just had a very small foam pile on it but Chamelion and Triple S was in. Later in the afternoon Trevor and Paul from Winnipeg came out followed by a paddler from Saskatchewan and a crew from Thunder Bay. Even with occasional wind driven rain we were having fun. Three board surfers joined us. It was great to see them rocking the waves also. I really have to give it to them paddling those boards out there. The surfs were long but the paddle back for them was REALLY long. Definately a great group of people on the island! The next day Burgess and I had to do the early morning shift. The weather was so nice it hurt to think we only had a few hours to play. The lake was glass to paddle across but unfortunately during the night the level had dropped and the eddy access had left. We carried up repeatedly to get as many surfs in as we could. I can only pray that we ALL get more rain soon! Here, there, and everywhere! I've been to Sturgeon now four times. Each time my curiousity is piqued about the rest of Canada. I've met paddlers from several of the Provence's and love hearing about their country. It's a place I hope to explore more.

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