Monday, August 10, 2009

Double Wausau

Exciting weekend! Wausau is really becoming a destination mecca. Paddling, climbing, biking, restaurants,micro brewery's, fairs and festivals. Summer in Wausau just rocks! I went out Friday night after a 12 hour shift thinking that the rain was over...nope...I ran right into it. I had visions of all the sensible paddlers staying home and dry and thinking I may be the only one camping in the rain that night. I was glad I was wrong...very wrong. It looked like the start of a great party. I was up early on Saturday and the first one on the course. Lots of new faces from even further destinations. Montana being the furthest. The weekend went well. New paddlers getting out and spreading their wings. The classes that Bear Paw are putting on are wildly popular and what a great place for instruction. The bottom part of the course after this last change is perfect for newbies. Saturday night we had an incredible storm. I found myself wishing I could watch it from Rib Mountain but I settled with watching from Toaster Flats. Some people catch lightning bugs...I caught some lightning. It was pretty tricky but I worked it out. Sunday was another great day of paddling. I paddled until I was just about too tired to roll and called it a day. There's a lot of excitement in the air...The Midwest Freestyle Championships are this coming weekend and everyone is practicing hard. Over the years the regular paddlers have gotten so's great to see. It used to be a loop could win it looks like you'll have to pull a Phonics Monkey out of your pocket to win. There's a few that can do it! Little Drop can be a fickle place. Your roll needs to be quick or you'll flush down stream. Ah well...wish me's seems lately I've lost my mojo but after three hours tonight on the Verm I have it back. I love my Verm! Keep praying for rain!! It's working!


Julie Walraven said...

Love your continuous support of Wausau! See you Thursday! If life gives me some time, want to do dinner some night?

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie...Absolutely...lets do dinner again. I'll be in Wednesday evening around 5:30 ish. Give me a call. I lost all my phone numbers with my phone.