Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Verm run of 09!

Today was the first run on the Verm for 09. It was much anticipated as the ice took it's time leaving. The level is higher than reported which made for some really fun fun play. Today was also Aarons first time on moving water. Bryan Z and I have been mentoring Aaron along. He took to rolling in the pool immediately and has it down good. But then he didn't need a roll today...not even one. We started off below the falls to get him used to moving flips there. We worked our way down hitting every eddy and peel out. He did flips! I went to the bottom of Triple and waited for expected carnage. He ran the drops great! Next up was S Bend. Bryan explained what to do when you hit a rock. Well winter dropped a big rock in the middle of the river just above the hole. Aaron hit it and did everything right...he didn't flip. The drop into Donut went flips...he eddied out fine. We threw him into Donut, again no flips!!!! We even threw him off a cliff into the flips!!!! Mr. Natural! Great job Aaron!!! There were about 13 of us running the Verm today for the first run. Last years CanoeU grad, Bryan, was here along with all the usual characters. The Verm has always been about friends getting together and having a great time! Such a great day for everyone all around
. I don't have to tell you where I'll be the rest of the week. SYOTR!

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