Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Flip!

After 4 days of paddling the Vermillion River in my creek boat Aaron had still yet to be flipped over in the rapids. We put him thru waves, eddys, gnarly holes and even threw him off a cliff...repeatedly...still no flips. This is unheard of with a beginner! The next plan was to move him from my 8 foot stable creek boat to a squirrely 6 foot playboat. We warmed up below the falls and eddy hopped down to the BIG DROP...Triple Drop. I went down to the bottom of the drop first to wait for the expected carnage. This was the first time he would run it alone without someone leading. Please brace yourself...this is his first flip on a river.

We made it down to Donut without any other mishaps. I have added the video of his first ride in a playboat and one about 3 rides later. One hour later he had only flipped once in the soup coming out of Donut. He had spins, left and right. Multiple spins. Front blasts, back surfs, side surfs and a variety of other interesting things going on. What a great morning! I wonder what his girlfriend is going to think when I send him back to Oregon a fully addicted kayaker? I hope it's "Cool! That looks fun!"

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