Thursday, January 29, 2009

Second Lesson "How to Kill the Wind"

Christmas I took my son out kiting with my 3M trainer kite. The wind was high and even with a little kite he learned how to have a bit of a beat down. Yesterday we took the "real" kites out to Pepin for his second lesson. "How to kill the wind" As any kiter knows the fastest way to kill the wind is to launch a kite. I tried to put my trainer up for him first but the wind was dying fast. I quick pumped up my 10M but the wind was minimal. Not even enough to pull skis. We were able to get a little static flying in. By time we packed up the kites it was dark and the cresent moon was out. It would have been a beautiful night for kiting if there only was a bit of a breeze. Next time it'll be actually skiing..we hope. He is actually interested in kiting!!


Bryan said...

Isn't that the truth! I'm convinced that you're not pumping air, but wind into the kite, and so preventing it from blowing around anymore. At least that's sure how it seems... Glad to hear Shane likes it!

Nora said...

So that's where the wind goes. It explains the tickle of wind on your back when you finally pack up and are walking off the lake.