Sunday, March 09, 2008

High Falls Ice Climbing

Dave, Boomer, and I hit up High Falls on the Baptism for my first "real" time ice climbing. Dave has climbed ice for 20 years..he's a strong climber. The river left side of the falls had everything to offer from easy to overhung vertical ice. Dave taught me alot about form while climbing and I had a great day on the ice. My last climb was the problem! I really love ice climbing! The falls was visible thru a sheer pane of ice in the middle. During the "heat" of the day the flow increased and water would splash out thru the pane of ice. Just an incredible day! The only backside was now that I've had my hands on a set of Cobras...I want!! I'll just have to be happy with my Shrikes and buy them a new set of leashes. Next winter I plan on having a nice rack! Paddling next week?? I think so!!

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Bryan said...

Great pics - looks like you really had a fun time!