Saturday, March 15, 2008

08 First Verm Run

What a great day! Aaron, Bryan, Caleb, Dennis, Graeme and I hit it up for our first run of the season. The water is moving FAST but yet it's only around 120cfs. The ice bridge above Triple is still there and that's a good thing because four of our group seal launched off into moving rapids. They said it was the best put in ever on the Verm! I hope it's still there tomorrow!! It should be. I'll be there around 12:30 Sunday for round two. Get some this weekend as the level is going to fade away fast unless we get some rain! BTW sorry about the water spots on the lens. Bryan has a FANTASTIC shot of our group on his blog. Check out Graeme's custon painted hemet also!


Lisa aka Liz, Raven said...

WoW Nora! I am glad your river is open. Have a good time!


Nora said...

Hi Lisa! Anytime you want to start paddling let me know! We'll hook you up!