Wednesday, June 13, 2007

St Louis

Spent the last two days on the upper St. Louis...good people and good paddling. For what seems like forever...when I top the rise on the hill above Duluth I have always gotten the feeling of coming home even though I have never lived in Duluth. I realize this is related to the fact that I grew up in Coos Bay, Oregon which is a major shipping port but I can't deny that Lake Superior and her personality jives with me on a spiritual level. Tuesday before leaving I sat on the dock at the Outpost thinking about this. It felt so much like home. I do have plans on retireing up on the North Shore...I just wonder how much I'll be paddling when I'm 64.


Jack said...

I bet you'll still be paddlin' hard well into your golden years! I know I will!


Anonymous said...


Did you know the Prefontain family there?

Tom McDonald

Nora said...

Nope...It's been a loooong time since I was out there though. I do want to paddle Oregon sometime soon...I hear there's a company that gives free waterfall clinics once a month....sounds interesting ;)

Nora said...

Hey Jack,
There's no doubt in my mind you'll be paddling waaay into your golden years also!