Sunday, June 03, 2007

Man Plans... God Laughs

I went up to do more of the Lower Louis this friday with Andy and Burgess. We started off with Slot Machine. Ok not the big water Slot Machine...just a bunny sized lower water version but still fun. We ran the rest of the river down to Octopus and stopped to set up safety. Andy ran the beak again and Burgess took the slide route and all went well. I went back up to the top to take my first run of the Octopus with both Andy and Burgess on safety at the bottom. Well I took the slide and dropped into the eddy. It looks different from this perspective so I was laying out the route out of the eddy in my mind when all of a sudden a 20 foot log jack knifed out of the beak in front of me. It hit the wall and swirled into the eddy...spinning around. Well I ran several senarios thru my mind on this problem. The only thing I could come up with was using it as a revolving door and come out and punch the eddy. This didn't sit well with me as I had seen others not punch the eddy and get shoved back into the eddy. If that would have happened I would have been spinning in the eddy with that log. I got out of my boat and tried to pull the log over out of the way but hey...that was a 20 ft log with a mind of it's own. Andy and Burgess were wondering what was up so I held a piece of wood up and just shrugged. Just my day not to run it. Kayaker plans... God Laughs. Still a great time on and off the river!


Bryan said...


Sounds like good times and you got some great shots. It's such a fun stretch of whitewater. it looks like you had fun at Canoe U, too! Do you mind if I steal a couple of your shots from the lower for my blog? There should be some interesting video from yesterday, but no stills.

Nora said...

Feel free to steal any photo off my blog you want. I talked to Dennis and got the rest of the story after we were cut off. Wish I could have been in both places...and one other this weekend. I'll be back up there soon!!