Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Birthday Verm Paddle

My birthday present came on the wind this week. The total rain fall for this storm was just under an inch and enough to push the Vermilion up enough to paddle. The temperature was a balmy 21 degrees. Can you "Spot" the ice sickles? Brian, Bryan, Caleb, Dennis, and Spot came down to paddle the Verm with me today to help celebrate my 50th birthday. My actual birthday is Thursday but we had to catch the water when it flows. Everthing was in enough to have some decent play. We just had to watch for ice forming on our gear. (Iced paddles are a bummer) We spent an hour and a half paddling and when we got out had to chip and pry our way out of our frozen gear. Carolyn joined us in the parking lot and we all chugged a brewski and then headed for the Green Mill. Thanks everyone! I had a great time! Good friends, good river and turtle cheesecake! Anyone want to paddle tomorrow? (not kidding...I'll be down there sometime...can't waste water ya know) Thursday morning update...way below zero windchills this morning...think I'll wax my skis instead of paddling. It was sweet while it lasted.

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