Thursday, November 30, 2006

Am I old yet???

Nope...I don't think so. Fifty seems to be a mile stone in a person's life. A lot of years have flowed by. The saying "over the hill" comes to mind but as I look at it, I am standing on top of the hill. Looking back it's been a climb for sure. A path no one can ever return to yet it's a time to savor what you brought up the hill with you. I'm not talking monetary, but of love, children, friends, experience, health, understanding, and peace of soul. What ever you arrive at the top of the hill with, is what will direct your path on the way down.
Looking out from the top I see nothing but opportunity. So much yet to explore and do and see. The sun is shining brightly thru the rainbow left by the storm.
Where do I see myself when I'm sixty? I see myself with pure white hair sitting in an art fair on the North Shore selling my favorite nature photos. I have always sought out new things to learn. I plan to learn how to fly small airplanes. I'm looking forward to getting more experienced in kayaking. Maybe trying kiting. Getting my surf on. Finding time to get back into doing pottery and other art. Panning for gold in Colorado. Finding that diamond in Arkansaw. Maybe do some writing. Travel...alot! From Alaska to Maine and down to Mexico and beyond. Including Hawaii and Down Under.
Fifty is going to be alright!