Monday, October 23, 2006

The Beach (Inn) at Herbster Wisconsin

With the winds from the Northwest this weekend Brian and I figured the best place to find waves to surf would be on the South Shore. Looking for a place to stay that took dogs I found the Beach Inn in Herbster, Wisconsin. What a great little place to stay. Just across the road from Lake Superior we had easy access to a huge long sandy beach with plenty of waves rolling in. Even though the waves weren't all that large this weekend they were still lots of fun. It didn't take Brian and I very long to figure out that the rip tides were a fast fun way to return out beyond the waves. Staying at the Beach Inn, we were extremely spoiled by being able to gear up in a nice warm cabin. The hot shower after was a great way to warm up after three hours in the water. Meyers beach is just 14 miles up the road from Herbster...another great place to find waves on a Northwest wind. We had also brought our sea kayaks with just in case the waves didn't come. They never left the rack on my truck even though there are some great places like the Sea Caves and Barks Bay to explore. One more note is that there is a city campground right on the beach also. Looked like a nice place. We had a great weekend!

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