Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Years Eve

New Years Eve Day was a marathon paddling day for Brian and I. We paddled the Kinnikinic in the morning with 9 other paddlers and then scooted to the Vermilion to meet up with Bryan Jake and Dennis. The Kinni was absolutely stunning. There was lots of wild life to see. The Vermilion was low but really fast. One oddity we noticed was that the sand bars in S-Bend and after the last drop were gone! It was so deep in that last pool (under the seal launch spot) that you couldn't touch the bottom. The put in was a little slick. The take out worked good with team work to get the kayaks up and out. Great day on the river!

Many more photos to come...gotta go party now! Happy New Year!


Jesse (Zoolander) said...

Very cool pictures Nora. Looks chilly. You won this months "photo of the month" for Paddlenews-sweet! One question though, whats with the dude with no helmet?

Nora said...

We all stayed pretty warm with the exception of a couple of feet. The photo was Bryan's with my camera while I was taking my turn in the hole. The helmet was a wardrobe malfuntion. I know I would have paddled the Verm at bunny level on New Years Eve if I had forgotten mine. I and the dude both don't advocate this. This level on the Verm during the summer the kids use it for sliding down the river. It's humbling when you get done with a good surf and have to wait for the 9yr old to slide by on his butt :-)