Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rolling down the Verm. It's Spring!

Fun with selfies!

Midwest whitewater begins with the opening of the Vermilion River in Hastings Minnesota.  The last several weekends has been a paddling party with everyone knocking the dust off their boating.  This weekend the Kettle opened up which made for a split.  Most paddlers going north to follow the melt but a small group of us stayed local and played the Vermilion again.  The weather was perfect!  No wind.  Blue skies.  Water that is above the freezing temperature so you could go without gloves.   Most importantly, everything is still in and playable.  Dan Monskey and I met up at noon today.  Two other paddlers were in the parking lot and they were doing their own thing.  Bill Kabitz who I've known and paddled with forever showed up but his group was still awhile out.  So it was just Dan and I.  It was a social hour (closer to three hours) paddle.  Fun with the camera.  The locals were out and I know both of us were going to be on many peoples cameras.  Look at those fools on that cold river...kind cool eh?
  So there wasn't any gnar to report.  One roll that I heard of by one of the other groups.  Too many smiles to count. Plenty of fun play to be had!  Here is a video of Dan tearing up Donut Hole. Wildman!  This joy sums up the entire day! Click here -->  Dan on Donut


wildmonkeyspro said...

Um----to the paddling community----that's NOT me dancing in that video Nora posted!!!!! I prefer dancing with a partner! And I was in my boat all day!!!!! But if I get Rickrolled again----I'm going underground! I got a reputation to consider!!! ;)

Nora Whitmore said...

:) And that is what a Rick Roll is Dan...Gotcha :)