Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Years!

 It's January first, 2015,  An odd year but odd things are special.  Time to make resolutions...NO!    Not this year.  Maybe never again.  Resolutions may be good for some people.  Goal setting and achieving set goals, but why limit yourself?  Research shows that people in general underrate what they can accomplish. So most of us have no idea of exactly what we can accomplish.

  The last two years I haven't written in my blog.  Writing for me, was a passion.  It was an amazing last two years but also very rough. Shoulder injury.  A diabetes diagnosis by a Dr. who did nothing to treat me. I felt as low as can be.  Like being stuck in a whirlpool and pulled down while trying to swim to the top.  I would have to remind myself that with any serious injury or illness depression is a given.  Keep swimming to the top!  My mantra through life has always been.  If something happens to thwart your plans it's because God has something better for you if you just stop and look for what it is.  When you're down from injury and sickness it's a hard labor to find something that can kindle your passions again.  The longest living people have always stated the thing that kept them alive was having a purpose in life.  A passion.  I felt like most of my passions were dying a rapid death.  My shoulder held me back physically and the untreated diabetes depleted me of energy where it was hard for me to even carry my boat let alone have energy to paddle.  Darkness.  Passion is a light.

  I LOVE kayaking!  I LOVE canoeing!  I LOVE mountain biking!  I LOVE writing!  I LOVE teaching!  I love all the things I do.  But under the shadow of darkness it was very hard to celebrate in that love.  Still this last year I did some things that I always wanted to do, and they touched my passions like the predawn light. Like an old love remembered.  A whisper of the day to come.  This last year  I took a Swiftwater Instructor class.  For the second year in a row, I attended the Copper Harbor Ladies Mountain Bike Clinic,  I trained for my first Wolfman Triathalon  and finished!  Even though I fell at the end due to my leg seizing up with a cramp just a couple of hundred yards from the finish. I still finished.   But most importantly I was able to spend a week biking and hiking in Moab with my son!  Dawn is cracking.

   Passion is life. Weakness does not feed confidence. Life without confidence is darkness.

  2015!  Welcome!  There was no stopping your are here and I for one celebrate!  This last year was a work in progress. I found a great Dr. and she gave me the drugs I needed to control my diabetes.  Hello energy my old friend!  My weakened body has been regaining it's strength.  My "bad" shoulder is better than my "good" shoulder.  With health and strength retuning so is my confidence.  With my confidence coming back I can reach out and take my passions by the  hand and embrace them easily.  Finally released from the labor of just barely holding on to them. Horrified that this was old age and my ability was gone with the dust of passing time.  There are many special people in my life that probably don't even know how much they have helped me. For that I am very, very grateful.

  I won't set goals or resolutions or anything that constricts my cerebral awareness of  life.  My spirit is an enduring being. Energy that cannot be destroyed. Only contained by the limits we impose in our busy world of mores.   How many times does one hear "you can't"?  Even in your own mind!!!  We are the ones that tell ourselves this!  Release the Sprite!  The Pixie,  Release the Enchanter of your life   It's a curious being with passions. It is the undiluted essence of you!   Word!   My spirit craves to follow the flow of the river and trail. To create and teach.  To love.  To share.  This is where 2015 will take me, with passion, with confidence, with friends and family.  Step by step. Warmed by the light.  Endless!




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