Thursday, February 02, 2012

First Days in Pucon!

The flight down was a combination of delay, relay and run for plane.  But as it always does everything worked out and I landed on time in Temuco, Chile!   I wasn't in the country but an hour when I got my first kiss!  It's customary to kiss cheeks when you meet or say goodbye here...I'm going to like this place!

  I arrived at the Pucon Kayak Hostel in late afternoon.  Sun shining bright and hot out!  I hadn't slept in well over 24 hours so I was fried.  Still I hiked around and looked at the river and checked out my boat.  The hostel is an amazing place!  From domes to bunkhouses to gypsies wagons.  The center piece is a quincho!   This building is a pure form of artwork!  It's the gathering place for everyone here.

   My second day here the weather had turned colder and misty.  Still tired from my trip and not too much for cold weather paddling I went about getting my pesos and shopping done.  When I finished the weather turned to a cold drizzling rain so I just decided to hang out and outfit my boat.

  The third day the temps were very cold and still overcast and drizzle.  I took a mountain bike and put on 30K for a good start.  Just after I got back to the hostel the rain came down seriously and it rained for two days....remember all those prayers for rain up north.  Well God does deliver but he gets to choose the time and place.  No matter.  I had a guide arraigned for the next day and the waters were rising!  Sunshine and warmer was predicted!

  Well as things go when the water rises guides go (understandably) for the class V fun so I had to wait till afternoon for my run on the lower Trancura.  I took the bike up the Rio Turbio for another 30K bike ride.  Just an amazing place!  I met a young college student going the same way and he wanted to talk English and I wanted to talk Spanish.  It worked and we had a great time exploring.  There are climbing areas back the and I was also able to do a little bouldering.  But oh my!  Such great sport routes up there on fantastic rocks!!

  Back at the hostel my guide was back and ready to go.  Nothing is done in a hurry down here and I really don't realize time or days's good.  My guide is Tino Specht from Bomb Flow!!  Oh yeah!  I know I won't have to worry on this river.  Looking at the river there were far less rocks, thank you rain!  We warmed up on the first drop and then headed down.  The water was just big water fun.  Nothing too hard...just big fast fun!  One wave was so big it almost stopped and surfed my Villain!  I felt pretty good after warming up on that run.  Unfortunately Tino had plans to head to the Fuy the next day so I ended up getting another guide. I wanted one more run on the Lower Trancura for warm up before hitting harder runs.  My guide for my second run is Aniol Serrasolses from Spain!  Watch for the next Bomb Flow episode and you'll see Aniol!  As it turned out Tino didn't go to the Fuy as planned and another couple joined us with Tino as his guide.  The water had fallen back to the level it was the day before but it was still fun.

  Next up today the upper Trancura...a step up from the lower.  Then maybe work up to the Palguin.   So far there have been amazing things down here.  The buildings are incredible works of natural art!  The food is amazing!  I had the pleasure of going out and dancing one night and I can still move it :)  All is good!  So would I ever come back here!!  Oh hell yes!   I can see why many boaters and people make this place their home.  Next year for sure!
  I have 2 more weeks here!  I'll write more when I can get to town which isn't often.  Con amour de Chile!!
Did I mention Volcanos!! Wow!!

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