Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kaleidoscope Dreams

  Day dreaming is a passion for me. I dream of smiling friends who I share the rivers with. I dream of the new students that will share the love for the rivers.  I dream of new rivers to run and renewing cherished rivers of past. Challenges that arise and challenges I manufacture for myself. I dream of the crystalline beauty of nature pure.  The colors fly recklessly though my mind, faster and faster.  My thoughts speed up as time is short.  Blues of sky and water. Earthy tones of forest and mountain. Colors of skin...the colors of smiles. Skittles of boats...the sounds of laughter. The forever sound of the river. Faster they swirl lest I forget to remember one.  Crowding my mind in glimmer and facets. The scent of rivers, neoprene, hops...a fresh breeze on a cool mountain morning. My tent. My truck. My boats. Wausau. Passports and continents new. Plans for now and plans for later. The starting line is within my sight. Rivers on the edge of break. I stand caught in my kaleidoscope of dreams paralyzed...waiting. Waiting to step into the dream...soon.

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